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Sunday, 16 July 2017


There are situations that we control and then there are situations that controls us. Now the later ones comes with destruction.
Life can throw a million pebbles on you, but what matters eventually is how you protect yourself through a wall, here wall means one's thoughts, intellect or your prompt reaction.

There are two kind of people - one is who use their mind with them or can say who believe in the practicalities of situations. While the other one is those who always  make a heartily psychological decision. But in most situations we need a balance.!! Balance of heart and mind.. That's what help us achieve success.
When situations seems out from your hands, just make sure it doesn't control you. Everyone in his life goes with the hard times, but that hard time is what makes us. Don't let it break you. When hard time knocks on your door.. Just be the best version of you!!😉